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Supported living can be life-changing. 

Sometimes the people we support agree to let us share their story, to help people understand how important support is. Having the ability to make choices and decisions is something many of us take for granted, yet for people with learning disabilities, Autism and other assessed needs in a hospital or similar environment, their choices may be incredibly limited. Simple things like choosing when to make a drink, being able to have a pet or taking up a hobby for the first time can change a life. 

Affinity Trust provides support workers for people with learning disabilities, Autism and other complex needs, supporting them to live their life their way. 

Finding a Home for Erin

Finding the perfect home to meet Erin's needs took a while, but it was worth it. The independence she has from a home of her own has changed her life.

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A great day at Oban Pride 2023

There was a huge amount of interest in our stall at Oban Pride.

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Leigh is helping change the narrative

Senior PBS Practitioner Leigh Binns will be using her lived experience to help us develop a Neurodiversity Policy to ensure that Affinity Trust’s culture enables neurodivergent staff to thrive. L

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What's your dream?

Applying the Concept of Dreaming to Person Centred Planning

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