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Donation enables new kitchen for Englefield

  • Author: Jill Spurr
  • Posted:
  • 1 min read

Thanks to a generous donor, our garden centre, Englefield, has a brand new kitchen so that people at workshops there can make refreshments.

Englefield holds weekly workshops for people with learning disabilities to learn about horticulture as part of a working garden centre. Their tasks vary from caring for the plants, recycling packaging and pots to planting up hanging baskets and planters ready for sale. Tasks are adapted depending on the person’s abilities and needs.

The old kitchen there had been in place for many years and was made up of donated cupboards. It was tired and mismatched, so when the team was asked what they would like, a new kitchen was top of their list.  

The new kitchen consisted of a new fridge as well as units and a worktop. The units arrived flat-packed, which meant Archie and Josh could get involved in building the units under manager Austin’s supervision. It was all done without using power tools, to improve core basic DIY skills.

They completed one 500mm unit and two 1000mm units all built following the instructions with no hiccups or screws being put in crooked. Job well done.

Once built, the next step was to install the new kitchen, which was done over a Thursday and Friday when there were no workshops held, so there was no disruption to workshop attendees. The plan was to have the installation complete and the new kitchen all in place ready for the Monday group to use.  

The new kitchen looks excellent, and workshop attendees are already putting it to good use.

Englefield Garden Centre, The Street, Englefield, Theale, Berkshire, RG7 5ES is open Mon - Sat: 9.00 am - 5.00 pm and Sun: 10.00am - 4.00pm. They sell a wide range of high quality plants, seeds, and garden accessories. The team is very experienced and happy to offer advice to get you growing. For more information about workshops, please call the team on 0118 930 4898.

Englefield's new kitchen, ready for use.