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Affinity Trust Gender Pay Gap Report 2023 


Affinity Trust is a national charity providing person-centred support for people with learning disabilities across England and Scotland.   

The following report has been produced in compliance with the Equal Pay Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations and provides our results of the statutory calculations based on the snapshot date of 5 April 2023.  These compare the average hourly earnings of female workers in comparison with the average hourly earnings of male workers regardless of roles.   


Gender Pay Gap Calculation Results 

Mean Gender Pay Gap 

1.06% (lower women)  

Median Gender Pay Gap 

2.17% (lower women)  

Mean Bonus Pay Gap 

-3.67%  (higher women)* 

Median Bonus Pay Gap 


*Average male bonus £317, average female £329

Proportion of men receiving a bonus 


Proportion of women receiving a bonus 


includes payments for long service and recognition bonuses 

Percentage of women and men in each pay quartile 

Pay Quartiles 



Quartile 1 (Upper) 



Quartile 2 (Upper middle) 



Quartile 3 (Lower middle 



Quartile 4 (Lower) 




We are pleased the data shows that our average (median) gender pay gap remains low at 2.17% and we have seen a continued reduction in comparison with the previous year from 2.67%.  This is a downward trend from the prior year (2021) which was at 3.9% and is therefore very encouraging. It also compares very favourably with the national (median) average of 7.7%.

Our pay quartiles have remained constant in comparison to the figures reported in 2022 except for the lower quartile which has seen an increase in males from 25.1% (2021) to 28.76 in this period.

We continue to have a high proportion of women in senior posts and the upper pay quartile which broadly reflects the overall distribution of women across the organisation. 

Leo Sowerby,

Chief Executive