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Updating your Will to include a gift to Affinity Trust

If you have an existing Will but would like to update it by including a gift in my Will to Affinity Trust, we have information to help guide you through the process.

A Codicil is a quick and cost effective way that allows you to make small changes to your original Will without having to rewrite it from scratch.

If you have already written your Will but would like to remember Affinity Trust (or include new wishes or beneficiaries), you can complete the Codicil form below and supply to your Solicitor

Should you wish to leave Affinity Trust a percentage of your estate rather than a specific gift, it is strongly recommended that you rewrite your Will rather than use a Codicil document. This avoids complications that can lead to a person’s wishes being contested. You can write a simple Will using our free Will for Good service.

Alternatively, please refer to our Codicil Factsheet before creating your Codicil form.

We recommend you run your completed Codicil past your solicitor to make sure this aligns with your Will as well as notifying your next of kin that you plan to leave a gift to charity.

Before you begin

A Codicil form acts as an additional document to modify your Will. This can save the hassle of re-writing a Will to include new wishes or beneficiaries.

However, if you wish to leave a percentage of your estate rather than a specific gift, it is advisable redo your Will as this avoids complications that can lead to a person’s wishes being contested. 

If you are considering executing a Codicil, it is important to get the document properly signed and witnessed to ensure the document passes probate.

Key factors to remember:

• Check the Codicil with your solicitor or legal advisor
• Witnesses must be 18 years plus and of sound mind
• You have to sign the Codicil with both witnesses’ present
• Both witnesses have to sign the document at the exact same time
• The witnesses do not have to be the same witnesses used to sign your original Will
• Witnesses cannot benefit or be married to anyone benefiting from your Will
• Do not attach your Codicil to your Will as any marks on your Will can invalidate them

The Codicil can then be passed on to the person holding your Will and safely filed together. Again, please note the document should not be attached or clipped to the Will, as any marks might render your Will invalid.

We strongly recommend that you run the Codicil past your solicitor to make sure this ties in properly with your Will. In addition, it would be a good idea to discuss your decisions with your next of kin and notify them that you are leaving a gift to a charity.

It would also be helpful to notify us that you are going to remember us in your Will so we can keep you updated from time to time on our work and how your gift will make a difference. Should you have any further questions, we would be more than happy to help, please email us at

Codicil FAQs

pdf, 104.7kb


Codicil form

docx, 805.2kb