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Learning about the Food Bank

  • Author: Jill Spurr
  • Posted:
  • 1 min read
The people we support at Score made a poster to show what they are collecting for the food bank.

One of the things we support people to do is be an active part of their community. Many people choose to volunteer, either as part of a community group or charity, or in a personal capacity.

People we support at Score in Hereford have been learning about their local food bank as part of their regular Wellness sessions. Sessions are co-produced with people we support, which means they choose what sort of subjects they focus on and decide whether to take part or not.

Everyone worked together to design and create a poster advertising that donations for the foodbank can be left at Score.

They then visited their local food bank, which is just a short walk from Score. Everyone was keen to learn about it and see what they do there.

Two members of staff from the foodbank kindly showed everyone around and explained what they do and how they distribute the food donations.

The people we support heard that the foodbank needs donations of tinned meat to heat (stews, casseroles), cold tinned meat (corned beef, ham, etc), tins of sweetcorn, and individual pots of porridge in particular.

The people at Score are collecting for the food bank, thinking about the difficulties some people face, and looking at ways we can all help. They will visit again soon to take what they collect.

They are also looking forward to a return visit when staff from the foodbank will attend a Wellness session at Score to tell more about the foodbank and why it is there.

You can find out about Hereford Food Bank here.

Staff at Hereford Food Bank explained what they do to the people we support.