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Celebrating National Poetry Day

  • Author: Jill Spurr
  • Posted:
  • 1 min read

Supporting people to live their life their way means understanding what they enjoy, how they want to express themselves and what they need to be able to do just that. 

Peter, who we support in Cambridgeshire, likes to write poetry on the themes of nature, emotions and loss. He creates the most beautiful and interesting meters and work patterns. As it is #NationalPoetryDay, what better day is there to share Peter's creativity? 

In the Moonlight

In the moonlight that dances among the Trees
as the soft fire glows in the Autumn breeze
and I am lost in my thoughts of you.

As a gypsy strums on a sad guitar
and my mind is drifting to where you are
and seeing you as I used to do, not so long ago.

And as you are so far away I pray 
each night so that you never forget me, you
that so come what may with those days stay
within my memory for ever.

So in this word I could never find
 the love that had to leave behind
and so then that heart of mine can recall your love.

God only knows what tomorrow brings,
and you are in my heart and so my spirit can sing
for you so then you can remember me.