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Your life, your way


Supporting people to live their life, their way

We support people with learning disabilities, autism, mental ill-health, physical disabilities, and other complex needs to live great lives as independently as possible.  

We are Affinity Trust.

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Become an Affinity Trust Support Worker

We are looking for people who are all about possibilities to join our team. Who can see how to support someone in a way that is meaningful. Who can help people feel independent and encouraged; ambitious and supported. Courageous and reassured. Join us and become a support worker – what can you make possible?

A support worker applying makeup with a brush to a young lady's face, both sharing a joyful and pleasant moment.

Supporting us

You can be all about possibilities too, by supporting us to support people. Find out ways that you can get involved. Please help us make it possible to support one more person today.

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A woman who is a staff member at a garden centre places a variety of fresh roses, daisies, tulips, and lilies into a wicker basket, skillfully blending their vibrant colours and unique shapes to create a stunning floral arrangement.

Englefield Garden Centre

Englefield Garden Centre is where we make it possible for people with support needs to learn work skills in a horticultural environment. Our workshops support people to be part of a team, produce items for sale like hanging baskets and planters, and learn how to care for the plants. Englefield is a not-for-profit social enterprise selling high quality plants, seeds and sundries in our beautiful venue in Berkshire.

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